'Merry and Bright' by Ana Gift Box

Type: Gift

Unwrap the festive magic with Deliberico's 'Merry and Bright' box – a delectable assortment that includes artisan 100% Iberico charcuterie, exquisite cheeses, crisp breadsticks, flavorful olives and pistacchios, and indulgent nougats. This holiday delight is elegantly packaged in our premium black and golden boxes. Personally handpicked by our founder, Ana, these are her special favorites designed to delight and enchant your senses.

100% Iberico Acorn-fed Ham by Montaraz
Montaraz Iberico is leadership rooted in tradition. The serenity of the process has been inherited from the past, an ancestral expertise for four generations of master ham markers. Find Montaraz iberico ham (jamon iberico) convenient and delicious hand carved plate. INGREDIENTS: 100% Iberico Ham and sea salt. Natural: No additives, No preservatives, No nitrites, No nitrates & Gluten Free. SIZE: 2.5oz (70 gr)

Aged Raw Sheep Cheese Sliced Ciudad de Sansueña
Lácteas Zamoro produces its aged sheep cheese, "Ciudad de Sansueña," using select raw sheep's milk and following an artisanal recipe. The milk is thermized and not pasteurized to preserve all its natural and sensory properties. This variety is conveniently packaged in elegant pre-sliced portions, making it incredibly convenient for you to enjoy.
INGREDIENTS: Raw Sheep’s Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme. Contains egg and milk. Keep refrigerated SIZE:  6 oz (170 gr) 

100% Iberico Acorn-Fed Chorizo by COVAP
With its silky texture, thanks to its high-quality lean meat, and its intense aroma, the Alta Expresión Dry-cured Acorn-fed Ibérico Chorizo offers an impeccable flavor with slight nuances of natural spices, including notes of premium paprika.
INGREDIENTS: Ibérico pork, Salt, Paprika, less than 1% of: Sugar, Garlic, Spices, Sodium ascorbate, Smoke flavor, Sodium phosphates, Paprika extract, Sodium nitrite. Natural casing. SIZE: 1 lb (455 gr) app

100% Iberico Acorn-fed Loin by COVAP
Together with the Ham and the Shoulder, this is considered the most valued choice cut of the Ibérico pig. Our Alta Expresión Dry-cured Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Pork Loin has a delicious flavor, with a hint of salt and a variety of top-quality natural spices. Its pinky, marbled fat gives it a juicy, consistent texture.
INGREDIENTS:  Ibérico pork loin, Salt, Paprika, less than 1% of: Sugar, Garlic, Sodium nitrite, Potassium nitrate, Sodium ascorbate. Beef collagen casing (non edible). SIZE: 1.1 lb (500 gr) approx.

Mini Breadsticks “Picos” Don Pelayo
Picos are traditional Spanish mini breadsticks, typically served with tapas or olives and cheese. Really easy to eat and famous for their crunchiness and flavor. These mini bags are perfect for a charcuterie board and for snacking on the go.
INGREDIENTS: Supreme quality wheat flour, water, sourdough, salt, yeast, and extra virgin olive oil. SIZE: 1.76 oz (50 gr)

Gordal Olives by La Española
A symphony of colors and flavors. Pitted Gordal green olives seasoned with red pepper and whole garlic cloves. A large olive in size and flavor to enjoy as an appetizer, starter, or as a garnish, or sliced in half on pintxos. 
INGREDIENTS:  Pitted Gordal Olives, Red peppers, Garlic cloves, Spices, Water and Salt, Citric and Ascorbic Acids, Monosodium Glutamate. Gluten Free. SIZE: 11.6 oz. (330 gr) Net weight - glass jar

Salted Pistachios with Truffle
Delicious pistachios in shell, enriched with salt and truffles for an explosive combination, excellent at any time of the day. Perfect for charcuterie and cheese boards!
INGREDIENTS: Pistachios 97.4%, Summer Truffle 1% ( Tuber aestivum Vitt.), salt 1%. Aroma. It may contain traces or spores of the genus Tuber spp.  SIZE: 1.25 oz. (36 gr)

Nougat Assortment by Delaviuda
Treat yourself to the richness of Christmas with Delaviuda's nougat assortment. This pack contains four varieties of traditional nougat made with the finest ingredients, including chocolate nougat with almonds, hard nougat, soft nougat, and toasted yolk nougat. Indulge in a taste of the holidays today!
Almond Nougat:  (selected toasted almonds (EU and non-EU) 63%, honey 18.7%, sugar, wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil), and egg white.
Almond Soft Nougat: (toasted almonds (EU and non-EU) 67%, honey 16.4%, sugar, stabilizer E-471, and egg white.
Toasted Yolk Nougat (sugar, almonds (EU and non-EU) 41%, powdered yolk (EU), glucose syrup, water, preservative (E-200), and flavor. Yolk 13%.
Chocolate Nougat with Almond: (sugar, almonds (EU and non-EU) 23%, cocoa butter (non-EU), skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass (non-EU), hazelnut paste, vegetable fat (palm, sunflower, safflower, and cottonseed), whole milk powder, almond paste, emulsifiers: soy and sunflower lecithins, and flavors. Cocoa 22%.
May contain peanuts, gluten, and other tree nuts. SIZE: 13.4 oz (380 gr)