100% Iberico Chorizo & Salchichon Gift Box by COVAP


These two exclusive Iberico pork products offer balanced aromas, intense flavors, extremely juicy meat, and the marbled fat texture characteristic of premium-quality 100% Iberico Acorn-fed pork products: 2 Dry-uncured Acorn-fed Iberico Chorizo & 1 Dry-uncured Acorn-fed Iberico Salchichon (Salami)

Every one of these products is 100% natural, with a flavor and aroma that elevate the concept of delicacy to a higher level. A genuine natural pleasure and the perfect gift for gourmet lovers.

These products come from a unique environment, covered with the best grass and millennium-old holm oaks, which generation after generation, have provided valuable acorns to the pigs.


Made from 100% pure iberico pork. Natural range, with, aged in the traditional way using sea salt.

No artificial ingredients, nitrites or nitrates.


6 oz (170 gr) approx. per link.

18oz (510 gr) approx. in total