Cockles (Berberechos) in Brine by Espinaler

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Family owned company since 1896. Espinaler is an old-century company from Spain specialized in the selection, packing and distribution of gourmet canned seafood. Its products are addressed to high quality restaurants and gourmet retail stores.

Cockles are fished in the Noya estuary, in Galicia, Spain. After being washed in sea water to remove sand, they are boiled, size selected and packed.

Cockles are fished in every season. They’re treated in a few hours in order to maintain all the natural properties. Cockles are boiled, size selected and packed.



Cockles (Molluscs)(Cerastoderma edule), water and salt (3%)


4oz/115 grams in a can -14-16 pcs.