Cooked Red Kidney Beans -ready to serve-by Luengo

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It all started in La Bañeza, León, a region in northwest Spain where pulses are a true symbol of identity. Our company was established almost one hundred years ago so, yes, we might have traditional roots, but we like change. Proof is in the decades we have spent working to change our products with the times. We started selling our dried pulses, the way it had always been done, and later, in the 80s, we introduced our cooked range, sold in jars. These red beans are your best allies in the kitchen. With an intense color, distinctive even after cooked, they are so tasty and appealing it will take less to get them ready than to choose a recipe.



Red Kidney Beans, Water, Salt, Calcium disodium EDTA.


20.1 oz/570 g. glass jar