Nougat Trio Gift pack by El Almendro


Experience a symphony of flavors and textures with El Almendro's Nougat Trio Gift Pack. This exquisite collection brings together three delectable varieties of nougat, known as turron, each carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and celebrate the rich tradition of nougat.

  1. Almond Caramel Turron with Sesame Seeds: Indulge in the perfect balance of sweet caramel, crunchy almonds, and the delightful nuttiness of sesame seeds. This turron is a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you craving more.

  2. Crunchy Almond Turron: Immerse yourself in the timeless classic that is Crunchy Almond Turron. Its crumbly texture, combined with the rich flavor of roasted almonds, is a true testament to the art of nougat making.

  3. Almond Crocanti Turron with Chocolate: For the chocolate lovers, our Almond Crocanti Turron with Chocolate is a revelation. This exquisite turron combines the nutty goodness of almonds with the indulgent richness of chocolate, creating a heavenly fusion of flavors.

The Nougat Trio Gift Pack by El Almendro is not just a gift; it's a celebration of tradition and craftsmanship. Whether you're sharing these delectable nougats with loved ones or treating yourself, savor the magic of nougat-making that has delighted generations. Make your Christmas moments specially sweet with the irresistible charm of El Almendro's nougats.


ALMOND CARAMEL TURRON WITH SESAME SEEDS: Selected and roasted almonds with skin (EU and nOn-EU) 53%, Sugar, Honey, Sesame 7%, glucose syrup and Wafer (Potato starch and Sunflower oi). May contain soy, peanuts, egg, milk and other nuts (hazelnuts and walnuts).

CRUNCHY ALMOND TURRON: Almonds (EU and non-EU) 60%, Sugar, Honey, Wafer (Potato starch and Sunflower oil) and Egg white. May contain soy, peanuts, sesame, milk and other nuts (hazelnuts and walnuts).

ALMOND CROCANTI TURRON WITH CHOCOLATE: Almonds (EU and non-EU) 50%, Sugar, Milk chocolate 12,3% (Sugar, Cocoa butter (non-EU), Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass (non-EU), Emulsifier: soy and suniower lecithin and Vanila natural favouring. Cocoa, solids 35% minimum) Honey and Water Potato starch and Sunflower oi). May contain soy, peanuts, sesame, egg and other nuts (hazelnuts and walnuts).


225g (7.93 oz) - 3x75g (3x.2.64 oz)