Spring Break Picnic Offer


Our pack features a beautiful wooden tray filled with three types of delicious Spanish sheep cheese - with truffle, pepper, and pesto. These artisanal cheeses are the perfect complement to our mouthwatering breadsticks, olives, and salted pistachios with truffle - all of which have been carefully selected to make your picnic an unforgettable experience.

3 Cheese wood tray

Beautifully packed wood tray offers three varieties of cheese: Sheep Cheese with Pesto, Sheep Cheese with Espellette pepper,  Sheep Cheese with Truffle.

6.7 Oz (190g) x 3. Total weight: 20.1 oz.

Rind not edible. Allergens: milk, egg, nuts, mushrooms.

Palo de Cristal Breadsticks

These are gourmet bread sticks made one by one in a completely handmade way, resulting in a rustic texture bread and an unbeatable flavor.

12 oz (350 gr)

Pitted Manzanilla Olives

Serpis' olives are made with the best Manzanilla Olives from the South of Spain. The Manzanilla olive is perhaps one of the best known Spanish olives.

6.17 oz. (175 gr) 

Salted pistachios with Truffle

Delicious pistachios in shell, enriched with salt and truffles for an explosive combination, excellent at any time of the day.

 1.25 oz. (36 gr)