Merry Tapas box

The Merry Tapas Box is designed to infuse a variety of flavors into your holiday celebrations. Indulge in the rich and savory trio of Iberico cured meats—ham, chorizo, and salami—creating a symphony of tastes. The classic appetizers of pickle "banderillas" add a delightful touch, and the sweetness of Turron, a traditional Spanish holiday treat, completes the festive ensemble.

Tips for Enjoying Our Delicious Products:

  • Cured Meats: Refrigerate until ready to consume. Open the packaging 15 minutes before enjoying to enhance the flavors. Separate and arrange the sliced meats on a plate or board for a delightful presentation. Chorizo is typically enjoyed by slicing it into thin rounds or diagonal slices. Use a sharp knife to achieve clean cuts without squashing the sausage. Chorizo sausage is best enjoyed at room temperature. Take it out of the refrigerator about 15-20 minutes before serving to allow the flavors to develop and the texture to soften slightly.

Products included:

  • Iberico Free Range Sliced Trio ~ 2 oz (56.6 gr) per variety. 6oz (170 gr) in total

    • Iberico Free Range Chorizo Sliced by Marcos Salamanca : Pork Loin, Salt, D.O. La Vera Paprika, Powdered Milk, Garlic Powder, Preservatives (E250 and E252), Acidity Regulator (E331), Oregano.

    • Iberico Free Range Salchichon Sliced by Marcos Salamanca : Pork Loin, Salt, Fine Wine, Powdered Milk, Dextrose, White Pepper, Garlic Powder, Sodium Ascorbate (E301), Preservatives (E250 and E252), Acidity Regulator (E331), Oregano.

    • Iberico Free Range Ham Sliced by Marcos Salamanca / Fermin: Pork Leg, Salt, Sugars, Preservatives (E250 and E252), Antioxidants (E331 and E301).

Free-range sliced pork products have been made according to the traditional recipes with meat from the Iberian pig, fed with feed produced from our own mill and pastures and a unique curing process makes it possible to individually refine each piece.

  • "Banderillas" Pickled Sweet snacks by Faroliva ~  11oz (330 gr)

These sweet pickles, onions, olives and peppers skewers in vinegar are a classic Spanish tapa, you can find them in any bar in Spain. Faroliva is a family company specialized in the manufacture of olives and pickles with more than 50 years of experience. Traditional flavor and artisan production.

Ingredients: Water, skewered vegetables in variable proportions (pickles, onions, olives and peppers), salt, wine vinegar, flavor enhancer E-621 and antioxidant E-300.

  • Jijona Soft Almond Nougat "Turron" by Pico 5.3oz (150 gr)

Jijona's Soft Almond Nougat, known as "turron blando", is a timeless and delightful Christmas indulgence that captivates the palate with its exquisite blend of cooked honey, generously enriched with a medley of luscious almonds.

Ingredients: Almonds 70%, sugar, honey 15%, glucose-fructose syrup, egg white and emulsifier. Contains nuts (almond) and egg white. Gluten free. Store in a cool, dry place.


These cured meats offer a rich and robust flavor that pairs harmoniously with Spanish red wines. For an exquisite experience, pair chorizo with fruity wines like syrah or merlot, and relish salami alongside Garnacha, Cabernet Franc, or Tempranillo.

Turron, with its unique sweetness, finds its perfect companion in a sweet oloroso sherry from Jerez, providing a delightful conclusion to your holiday indulgence. Enjoy this curated assortment for a truly memorable and flavorful celebration.

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