Sea Bounty Tapas Box

Prepare to be enchanted by our extraordinary Sea Bounty Tapas Box, a treat tailored for seafood aficionados. Delight in the opulent flavors of a trio of premium canned delicacies, featuring decadent stuffed squids in ink sauce, succulent mussels in pickled sauce, and delightful cockles in brine. Accompanying these treasures are our beloved "regaña" Sesame Crackers, expertly chosen to enhance the exquisite oceanic flavors. And don't overlook the Anchovy-Stuffed Olives, infusing your tapas adventure with a burst of Mediterranean flair. To add more convenience and elevate your experience, we've included bamboo toothpicks. It's the ultimate fusion of richness and brininess, crafted to elevate your culinary experience.

Tips for Enjoying Our Delicious Products:

  • Canned seafood can be enjoyed either cold or heated, depending on personal preference and the intended dish. As tapa it's usually a cold preparation, so you can serve a bit chilled. For the mussels, don't drain the sauce completely as it's part of the taste. The sauce is used also to add that pickled flavour to a home made mayonaise or a potato salad. And the cockles we recommend to enhance with seasonings like fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice, or a drizzle of olive oil can add depth and brightness to the taste.The squids are meant to be consumed in their own ink sauce; do not drain it, as it adds to the deliciousness of the dish.
  • Olives stuffed with anchovies are best enjoyed at room temperature or a bit chilled. Keep refrigerated after opening.
  • Keep crackers in a cool and dry place, its is also recommended to transfer them to an airtight container or resealable bag to protect them from air and moisture.

Products included:

  • Stuffed Squids in Ink Sauce by Dani ~ 4 oz (111 gr)

This delicious fresh squid sourced straight from Spain is cooked and stuffed with their tentacles, and prepared in their own ink, with a smooth texture and taste will delightfully surprise even the most demanding palates.

Ingredients:Squiqs, tomato, sunflower oil, onion, spices, squid ink and salt. Contains: molluscs.

  • Mussels in Pickled Sauce by Dani ~ 4 oz (111 gr)

The best selection of fried mussels in authentic olive oil and prepared with Spanish sauce with vinegary shades, based on natural ingredients. With the highest quality ingredients they are prepared in a delicious sauce marinade, which is the ideal complement for this mollusk.

Ingredients: Mussels, sunflower oil, vinegar, spices, and salt. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Eggs Free

  • Cockles in Brine by Dani ~ 4 oz (111 gr)

Cockles hand caught, refined and selected according to their size, the salty flavor of the meat is very particular and characteristic. This quintessential seafood stands out as a highly recommended food for healthy and balanced diets.

Ingredients: Cockles, water and salt

  • Crackers 'Regañas' with Olive Oil and Sesame by Pan de Olivo ~ 4.6 oz (130 gr)

Scrumptious and crisp bite-sized crackers crafted in Spain using sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, following recipes handed down through generations. Elevate your culinary moments with these handcrafted treasures from Pan de Olivo.

Ingredients:Wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, sesame, yeast, and salt. Contains gluten and sesame. May contain traces of soy and mustard.

  • "Banderillas" Pickle sweet snacks by Faroliva ~ 11 oz (330 gr)

These sweet pickles, onions, olives and peppers skewers in vinegar are a classic Spanish tapa, you can find them in any bar in Spain.

Ingredients: Water, skewered vegetables in variable proportions (pickles, onions, olives and peppers), salt, wine vinegar, flavor enhancer E-621 and antioxidant E-300.



  • These delectable seafood flavors are best enjoyed with a refreshing glass of white wine. Spanish varieties like verdejo and albariño beautifully complement the seafood tapas in our box.
  • If you prefer beer, opt for a light beer or ale to enhance the flavors. Additionally, the indulgent squid calls for a wheat beer, which perfectly harmonizes with its rich and creamy profile.

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