White Tuna in Olive Oil by Ortiz


White tuna, also called “Bonito” is the finest tuna in Spain. This tuna is preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Ortiz prepares White Tuna in olive oil using traditional methods: individually line-caught during the fishing season. It is carefully prepared by hand and packaged in olive oil, both in tins and jars. It has an exquisite flavor and a delicate texture on the palate. 

White Tuna is a fish full of benefits for our health:

Natural source of OMEGA 3, which our body does not generate by itself.

Rich in vitamins A and D, which help keep our tissues healthy and prevent degenerative diseases.

In this case, olive oil is rich in oleic acid which helps regulate harmful levels of cholesterol in the blood.


White tuna, olive oil and salt.


8.8 oz. (250 gr)