El Navarrico, the heritage and flavor of the orchard of Navarre

El Navarrico, the heritage and flavor of the orchard of Navarre

El Navarrico, the heritage and flavor of the orchard of Navarre

El Navarrico is a brand that captures the essence of the Navarra region's agricultural tradition. While Navarra is renowned for its wines, it is also a land of exceptional vegetables. The fertile lands of Navarre are irrigated by the Ebro River, providing ideal conditions for the cultivation of vegetables.

Decades of tradition and dedication to preserve the flavor

El Navarrico has been cultivating the land since 1950, always striving for the highest possible quality. The company is family-owned and has evolved over the years to become a respected international brand. El Navarrico is known for respecting the rhythms of nature, using only the best raw materials from the Navarra orchard, and following traditional methods to create a healthy, natural, and balanced diet. The result is a range of products with exceptional taste, aroma, and texture.

El Navarrico's products are a testament to the agricultural and canning tradition of Navarre. They are produced using traditional techniques, but the company never stops innovating in quality control systems, which are applied exhaustively. Each container is unique and treated as an exclusive, high-quality piece.

Quality and origin certificated

The company's products have different certifications including: Asparagus from Navarra Protected Geographical Indication, Artichoke from Tudela Protected Geographical Indication, EU Organic Farming, Piquillo de Lodosa Denomination of Origin, Reyno Gourmet; and Protected Geographical Indications and EU Organic Farming certification.

Asparagus and piquillo peppers delights

Some of El Navarrico's star products are asparagus and piquillo peppers. These two ingredients alone can create a multitude of delicious dishes and tapas. El Navarrico inspires us easily to make new recipes like this simple Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce or Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna, always delivering spectacular flavor and super healthy options. Stay tuned!
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