Exploring Global Olive Oil Excellence at the 11th WOOE in Madrid

Exploring Global Olive Oil Excellence at the 11th WOOE in Madrid

Exploring Global Olive Oil Excellence at the 11th WOOE in Madrid

Deliberico's CEO, Ana Hernández, recently participated in the 11th World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) held in Madrid, Spain on February 26 and 27. This globally renowned event serves as a pivotal nexus for countries and companies engaged in the olive oil sector, aiming to fortify existing business relationships and explore new market opportunities. The exhibition featured an impressive display of the finest olive oils worldwide, offering attendees, including Ana, a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the most acclaimed products of the year.
Ana was particularly enthused by the exceptional quality and diversity of exhibitors, showcasing the latest innovations in packaging and presenting an evolving image of olive oil products. She expressed admiration for the industry's dedication to elevating not only the quality of the oils but also their visual appeal.


Among the highlights were the unveiling of olive oils with medicinal properties, positioning themselves as superfoods. Ana was particularly intrigued by Prophenoil, a brand embodying a 100% natural source of biofunctional superfood of the highest quality, boasting elevated phenolic content. This innovative product represents a growing trend in the industry towards holistic well-being.

During her visit, Ana highlighted a noteworthy Spanish producer La Lobilla who stands out for crafting a variety of olive oil from Lechin and acebuche, milenarium olive trees. This producer's commitment to using ancient olive tree varieties reflects a dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

Attending the WOOE provided Deliberico with valuable insights into emerging trends and allowed the company to establish connections with key players in the global olive oil market. As a result, Deliberico remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that its offerings continue to reflect the highest standards of quality and innovation.


  • As always, you excel in the quality of the products you represent and the service your company provides.

    Sergio on

  • Thank you Ana Hernandez! Great job! Proud of you

    Celene Almagro on

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