Tuna Pairings Tapas Box

Tuna Pairings Tapas BoxSavor the Tuna Pairings box, a meticulously curated ensemble that brings together the finest flavors. Immerse yourself in the fresh, briny notes of Green Manzanilla Olives, the sweet and smoky allure of Piquillo Pepper Strips, the succulent richness of Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil, and the crispiness of Reganas Pan de Olivo with sweet paprika. Each component is chosen with precision to create a symphony of tastes, ensuring a harmonious and indulgent gastronomic experience.

 Tips for Enjoying Our Delicious Products:

  • Serving Piquillo Peppers and tuna couldn’t be easier. Simply open the container and enjoy them together—whether in a salad with the tuna's oil and salt, as a spread on toast, or as a delicious dip with crackers.
  • Keep crackers in a cool and dry place, its is also recommended to transfer them to an airtight container or resealable bag to protect them from air and moisture.

Products included:

  • Crackers 'Regañas' with Olive Oil and Paprika by Pan de Olivo ~ 7 oz (200 gr.) 

Scrumptious and crisp bite-sized crackers crafted in Spain using sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, following recipes handed down through generations. This particular variation, infused with sweet paprika, embodies the authentic flavor of Spain. Elevate your culinary moments with these handcrafted treasures from Pan de Olivo.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil (12%), sesame (4%), smoked paprika, yeast and salt. Contains gluten and sesame. May contain traces of soy and mustard.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil by Ramon Peña ~ 3.9 oz (110 gr)

Ramon Peña Yellowfin Tuna Belly, also known as Ventresca in Spain, comes from selected qualityof tunas. The belly (ventresca) is the most oily and meaty part of the tuna.  Manufactured, cut, and placed in the tin by hand. 

Yellowfin Tuna loins carefully selected by Ramon Pena Preserves, in olive oil and packaged in a can. Yellowfin Tuna is one of the best tuna species whose meat is fine, light, and flavorful. It is healthy, nutritious, and may prevent heart diseases. 

Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna belly (fish), olive oil and salt.

  • Green  Manzanilla Olives by Andalusian Olives ~ 9 oz (255g)

Andalusian Manzanilla Olives encapsulate over 4000 years of pickling tradition. Crafted with organic excellence, they undergo meticulous maturation to offer a burst of flavor, perfect for enhancing any meal.

With Andalusian Manzanilla Olives, you're not just enjoying a product; you're savoring a tradition, a commitment to quality, and a taste that has endured through centuries.

Ingredients:  Manzanilla Olives, Water and Salt, Citric and Ascorbic Acid. Gluten Free. Lactose Free.

  • Tomato Crackers by Paul & Pippa ~ 7 oz (200 gr)

The name piquillo means "little beak". Traditionally piquillo peppers are grown in Northern Spain and are hand picked then roasted over open fires. The peppers are then peeled, all by hand then packed in jars or tins. The roasting of the pepper gives it a rich, sweet flavor. Piquillo peppers are great for salads and "tapas" or included in soups as well as other dishes.

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers, salt and citric acid as acidulant


For a perfect accompaniment, delve into wine pairings that enhance the nuances of each element: relish Sauvignon Blanc with olives, indulge in Pinot Noir alongside pepper strips, savor Chardonnay paired with tuna, and experience Merlot complementing the olive oil-infused bread. Cheers to a symphony of taste and pleasure!

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