Assorted Spanish Pastries by La Estepeña


Indulge in this classic assortment from La Estepeña, including polvorones, mantecados, roscas, and more. A delightful treat for the Christmas season!

It is mainly in the 19th century, as a consequence of the already typical custom of making mantecados in private homes and in a few confectioneries in Estepa, when this delicious product begins to become popular throughout the region. La Estepeña was founded around this time, in the year 1858, but it was in the early 20th century when Mr. Rafael Galván Gómez, returning to Estepa after a stay in Seville, where he had worked as a master at a famous and prestigious confectionery in the capital, took charge of the small pastry shop. As the initiator of the lineage of master pastry chefs, he soon made the quality of his products famous, thanks to his dedication and love for the profession. Mr. Rafael Galván Gamito, his successor, carries on the tradition, inherits the vocation, and gradually expands the market throughout Spain.


Wheat flour, lard, sugar, almond, wine (sulphites), cinnamon, cacao powder, sesame, vanilla flavor. May contain traces of egg, milk and other tree nuts.


10.58oz (300 gr.)