White Cantabrian Anchovies marinated with Vermouth vinegar by Don Bocarte

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White Cantabrian Anchovies, known as boquerones, are cured in Vermouth vinegar, creating a balanced and savory flavor. These Cantabrian Anchovies are selected one by one and with a well-balanced flavor. 

Made by Don Bocarte in Santoña, the home of the best anchovies in the World, following traditional methods, using only the best pieces. They are characterized by their meatiness, low salt point and excellent cleanliness. 

White Anchovies in a vegetable oils blend 36% (extra virgin olive oil 60% and sunflower oil 40%).Anchovies (fish) Engraulis encrasicolusextra virgin olive oil (22%)sunflower oil (14%), vermouth vinegar, saltlemon juice and spices.

Allergens: Anchovies (fish)

Conservation: Semi-preserve. Store between 3 and 5 C. Once opened cover it with olive oil. Consume within 2 days


4.9 oz (140 gr) 12 filets per can approx. 

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