Chocolate Mini Puff Pastries by 1880


Exquisite sweet made with special flour that becomes crunchy after cooking it and it is covered in chocolate milk. Supreme Quality

The story of Turrón dates back to 15th-century Spain, originating in the province of Alicante and introduced by the Arabs. Bautista Sirvent established the current company in 1725, passing it down through generations within the Sirvent family. By 1880, the company became a symbol of excellence in the Turrón and Sweet Quality sector, crafting their renowned recipe using premium ingredients like almonds and honey. During the postwar era, the tagline "The most expensive turrón in the world" emerged due to the high cost of materials. The 1880 brand, named after the first recorded recipe in 1880, has maintained its premium status over the years. With over 300 years of tradition, the company blends traditional flavors with advanced technology, ensuring quality through online traceability. Today, 1880 thrives by combining Tradition and Technology, adapting to market challenges and trends while preserving its rich cultural heritage.


Milk (33%) (minimum 28.8% cocoa). Ingredients: Wheat flour, animal fat (refined lard with antioxidants: E-320 BHA and E-321 BHT, emulsifier: E-471 mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), sugar, cocoa butter, wine, emulsifier (E-476 polyricinoleate of polyglycerol and E-322 soy lecithin), cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, anhydrous butter, flavor, and salt. May contain traces of nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts), sesame, egg, pistachio, mustard, and peanuts.


300g (10.58 oz)

Keep in a cool and dry place.