Crackers 'Regañas' with Olive Oil and Paprika by Pan de Olivo


Scrumptious and crisp bite-sized crackers crafted in Spain using sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, following recipes handed down through generations. This particular variation, infused with sweet paprika, embodies the authentic flavor of Spain. Elevate your culinary moments with these handcrafted treasures from Pan de Olivo.

Pan de Olivo, with its delightful crunch and rich taste, is perfect on its own, making it an ideal snack for any occasion. These crackers also complement charcuterie boards beautifully, providing a wonderful contrast to various cheeses, meats, and fruits. Additionally, they pair exceptionally well with hummus, spreads, pâtés, or any of your favorite dips, enhancing the overall dining experience with their artisanal quality and unique flavor profile. 

Originally, the regañá was known as the sea biscuit or cracker, which was crafted from dough shaped like a flatbread and baked without moisture. It is worth noting that by subjecting it to high-temperature cereal soups, a long-lasting, low-moisture food could be obtained. This was then distributed among the crew members who, under a strict disciplinary regime, had their freedoms restricted and were reluctantly confined (hence the name of this appetizer). Evolving from a simple bread, it has now transformed into a delicacy that can be enjoyed by anyone as part of their diet.


Wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil (12%), sesame (4%), smoked paprika, yeast and salt.

Contains gluten and sesame. May contain traces of soy and mustard.


7 oz (200 gr.)