Free Range 50% Iberico Loin by Marcos Salamanca


Our exclusive curing process allows us to finely-tune every piece one by one, which guarantees an aroma, a taste and a really exceptional texture. To guarantee the optimum degree of aging of each piece, our Technical Department measures and scores our meats according to over 12 different parameters. Our unique curing process makes it possible to individually refine each piece.  Aging for 3 months. Remove packaging 15 min before consumption. 

Pork loin made from the selection of the leanest meat, marinated in salt and D.O. La Vera paprika, with natural skin . Fully artisanal production following our own recipes with a careful curing process that gives it its unmistakable color and unique flavor.


Pork Loin, Salt, D. O. La Vera Paprika, Powdered Milk, Garlic Powder, Sugars, Preservatives (E250 and E252), Antioxidants (E331 and E301).


1.5 - 1.7 lb approx (680 - 780gr)