Maxorata Majorero Cheese 1kg

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Majorero cheese is also known as Queso Fuerteventura since it is made from unpasteurized milk of Majorera goats on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. This semi-hard, firm cheese with nutty and milky flavour has been granted the PDO certification (Protected Designation of origin). The pale white coloured cheese is creamy, buttery and little gummy in texture with acidic taste. When aged, it develops a dark coloured rind which is rubbed with pimenta, roasted gofio or with oil giving it different textures and tastes.

The cheese can be served as a snacking cheese, a dessert cheese. It also goes well with pasta, fruits and vegetables.



Pasteurized Majorera Goat’s Milk rennet,lactic cultures and salt
Non Edible Rind.