Oil Can Cruet by Ibili


Effortlessly Store and Pour Olive Oil with No Mess. Stainless Steel No-Drip Olive Oil Cruet.

Crafted with stainless steel, this dispenser is as functional as it is elegant. The stainless steel cover flips up effortlessly for quick refills and securely snaps shut to prevent spills. Its aesthetics are a feast for the eyes, while its design ensures a consistently smooth and drip-free pour of your precious oil.

The flared top features a wide funnel-shaped opening, making refilling a breeze and guaranteeing a mess-free experience. Meanwhile, the hinged lid, complete with a secure clasp, not only keeps your oil fresh for longer but also shields it from the harmful effects of light. Enjoy the art of pouring olive oil with grace and ease.

Experience the enduring charm and functionality of the Olive Oil Cruet, a quintessential piece in every Spanish kitchen. Add a touch of tradition to your culinary adventures and savor the flavors of Spain with each drizzle. Discover why this classic never gets old.