Pitted Gordal Olives by Losada


Losada's Pitted Gordal olives are renowned for their exceptional quality. The name Gordal, meaning "the fat one," originates from its rounded shape and substantial weight (over 6 grams). Predominantly cultivated in the province of Seville (Andalusia), this olive variety is often referred to as "Gordal Sevillana." However, plantations of this olive can also be found in other Spanish provinces such as Córdoba and Huelva. With its low oil content, the Gordal is exclusively utilized for table consumption rather than oil extraction.

The Gordal olive boasts a refined and delicate flavor akin to the Manzanilla olive, accompanied by a firm, crunchy, and meaty texture. Its taste features a well-balanced bitter-salt equilibrium, devoid of pronounced bitterness or lingering aftertaste. Furthermore, it exhibits no abnormal flavors or unusual tastes. The marinade imparts an aromatic and harmonious essence to this delectable olive.

For over five decades, Aceitunas Losada has been a cornerstone of table olive production in Carmona, Spain, nestled near Seville. As a cherished family-owned company, they take immense pride in meticulously overseeing each facet of the olive production journey. Their unwavering commitment begins with the hand-harvesting of olives in their very own groves and extends throughout the entire curing process.

Guided by the Losada family values that form the essence of their philosophy, they hold family values in the highest regard. Honesty, integrity, and a steadfast dedication to excellence are the cornerstones of their work.  Above all, Aceitunas Losada stands as dedicated growers and producers of genuine Spanish olives, carrying forward a legacy deeply rooted in both tradition and values.


Pitted Gordal olives, water and salt. Monosodium glutamate, lactic acid, citric acid and ascorbic acid. 


12 oz. (345 gr) Net weight - 6oz (168 gr) Drained weight glass jar