Razor Clams in brine by Daporta


The natural razor clams are a treasure from the Galician estuaries, and undoubtedly one of its best preserves. Razor clams belong to the family of bivalve molluscs and their production season is from September to March.. In Galicia they are very common and usually inhabit shallow areas., buried vertically in the sand, that is why its extraction is done by hand by diving.

At Conservas Daporta we select the best Galician razor clams, directly from the Galician markets. Once in the factory, undergo a purification process, to eliminate the remains of sand that may have. The  canning process is done one by one manually with the utmost care to ensure that they are preserved in perfect condition.. The result is exquisite natural razors.

The natural razor clams can be eaten alone, directly and at room temperature. If instead you prefer a hot dish, They are also perfect for grilling with a little olive oil., garlic and parsley. They pair very well with any type of white wine., blonde beers or even with a very cold cider.


Razor clams, water, and salt.


4.23 oz (120 gr) 5-6 pieces