Rice D.O. Valencia by Dacsa


D.O Arroz de Valencia. Dacsa rice is a brand with a long tradition in the world of rice. The company was founded in 1968, it soon found a prominent place in the rice industry that it has managed to maintain over the years. This type of rice is a typical food of Valencia, Spain and we offer it to you with the D.O. Rice of Valencia. This is the secret together with the special characteristics of the water of the Valencian Community to elaborate the paellas. Authentic Valencia rice is very indicated for the different types of paellas 

The Extra Category Dacsa Rice with the "Rice of Valencia" Designation of Origin has excellent organoleptic properties that ensure it remains fluffy and creamy after cooking, and most importantly, perfect flavor absorption.

The Extra Category Dacsa Rice is of the Senia variety, making it highly suitable for preparing all traditional rice recipes from Valencia, whether they are dry or brothy.

Certified by the Designation of Origin "Rice of Valencia," which guarantees its origin and quality. Additionally, Dacsa Rice with the Designation of Origin was the first rice to obtain the Natural Parks Brand certification, ensuring that it has been grown entirely within the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia.


100% rice. Senia rice

Cooking Time: 18 minutes approx.


2.2 lb (1 kg)