Saffron by La Barraca


It provides meals, a special taste, aroma and the distinctive color of this appreciated spice in the world. 

We recommend to toast strands slightly before being used, using the microwave, putting them over a paper, and heating  it 40/50 sec. on medium power. You can crush the saffron with your fingers so you can verify its intense aroma.

Saffron is one of the most appreciated and used spices since ancient times, both for its flavor and its aroma. Coming from the east, its cultivation and harvesting needs careful care. The parts of the plant used to make saffron are the stigmas of the flower, which are dried and roasted. As for its gastronomic use, it is specially destined for rice, paella, brown rice, risottos, pasta, soups, fish, seafood, sauces to which saffron will provide aroma, flavor and a golden color.


Saffron strands


0.003 oz  in 5 packets (0.15 oz in total)  0.05 gr in 5 packets (0.42 gr in total) 

Box dimensions 10 × 4,5 × 15 cm