Small Sardines in EVOO by Albo


To achieve the rich flavor of their small sardines "sardinillas" in extra virgin olive oil, Conservas Albo meticulously selects the finest fresh sardines. These sardines are steamed to perfection and manually packed to ensure the highest quality, bathing them in extra virgin olive oil. Similar to fine wines, food brands and products gain prestige over the years. The passage of time and experience serve as one of the best indicators of quality.

Hijos de Carlos Albo is a company reflecting pure tradition and antiquity in the canned fish industry. Established in 1869 as Albo y Arredondo in Santoña, a prominent fishing port along the Cantabrian coast, Conservas Albo has stood the test of time. Today, they craft around 100 references, including Bonito, Atún Claro, Sardina y Sardinilla, Anchoa, Caballa, Pulpo, Calamar, Mejillón, Zamburiña, and more. These offerings undergo stringent quality controls, featuring the finest raw materials and natural seasonings, resulting in exceptionally high-quality products.


Sardines, extra virgin olive oil.


3.7 oz (105 gr) Net weight 8/12 pieces