Aged Raw Sheep Cheese Sliced Ciudad de Sansueña


Lácteas Zamoro produces its aged sheep cheese, "Ciudad de Sansueña," using select raw sheep's milk and following an artisanal recipe. The milk is thermized and not pasteurized to preserve all its natural and sensory properties.

The company coagulates the milk using natural rennet, and the resulting curd is then transferred to molds. These molds are placed in a pressing area to remove excess whey. After the pressing time has passed, the cheese is unmolded and placed in brine.

This meticulous process enables Lácteas Zamoro to achieve a natural rind free from artificial products. After six months of maturation in their chambers, the cheese undergoes a final step: it is coated with Mediterranean gold, extra virgin olive oil, and then completes an eleven-month maturation cycle. The outcome is a natural, unique, and healthy product—a cheese adorned with natural gold that leaves consumers truly impressed.

This variety is conveniently packaged in elegant pre-sliced portions, making it incredibly convenient for you to enjoy.

Morphological Characteristics: Cylindrical with flat sides. Hard rind covered by molds giving it a greyish appearance. Compact paste with few unevenly distributed holes.

Organoleptic Characteristics: Yellowish-white color, typical sheep cheese aroma, intense yet never spicy flavor, fine texture.


Raw Sheep’s Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme. 

Contains egg and milk.

Keep refrigerated


6 oz (170 gr)