Traditional Almond Basque Cookies "Tejas de Tolosa"


Traditional Almond Basque Cookies, also renowned as Tejas de Tolosa, stand as an iconic Spanish delicacy. These delicate and thin almond cookies are called 'tejas' because their shape resembles the mission roof tiles that are commonly used in Spain. Traditionally savored with loved ones after a hearty meal or accompanied by a relaxing afternoon coffee or tea, these cookies hold a special place in Spanish culinary traditions.

Their production remains entirely artisanal, with each cookie meticulously shaped by hand once they emerge from the oven. Conveniently packaged in a metal case, you can relish these treats at your leisure, whenever the craving strikes.

Since 1924, Casa Eceiza has dedicated all their efforts to delivering the utmost quality in each of their creations. Across generations, they have delved into the world of pastry, conducting research, designing, and perfecting their craft with a clear mission: to provide their customers and friends with taste experiences they will never forget.

In pursuit of this goal, they have consistently maintained the highest quality of ingredients and cherished the well-guarded secrets of recipes crafted by their artisans. After all, a special dessert is created in a special way.

Sugar, almond (34%), pasteurized whole egg, wheat flour, lemon flavoring.

May also contain traces of soy, dairy, nuts, peanuts and sesame. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

5.3 oz (150 gr) tin box