White Cantabrian Anchovies marinated with vinegar by Pujado Solano


White anchovy fillets are made fresh and marinated in vinegar, giving them a light color and a tender texture. Behind these white anchovy fillets is a long artisanal preparation process that goes from its selection and maceration with vinegar, to its filleting and final packaging. It is a completely handmade process we do in order to offer an excellent quality product.

Pujadó Solano´s products are made with the finest quality fish from the Cantabrian Sea. Meticulous manual processes give you our packed and marinated anchovy fillets. Fishing in the Cantabrian Sea commences during the spring months when the anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus) migrates towards the Cantabrian coast for spawning. This period offers the optimal opportunity to catch this particular species, as it possesses a firmer texture and superior quality. The fishing boats locate the fish schools and encircle them near the water's surface using seines. Purse seine fishing is highly selective and environmentally friendly. Pujadó Solano proudly bear the MSC seal, which certifies our utilization of sustainable methods and ensures the traceability of our products.

White Anchovies in vegetable oil. Anchovies (fish) Engraulis encrasicolus, vinegar, salt.

Allergens: Anchovies (fish)

Conservation: Semi-preserve. Store between 3 and 5 C. Once opened cover it with olive oil. Consume within 2 days


3.8 oz (110 gr)