Ana Hernandez CEO Deliberico at Go Global Alicante

Deliberico CEO, Ana Hernandez, Attended Go Global Congress in Alicante

Deliberico CEO, Ana Hernandez, Attended Go Global Congress in Alicante

Ana Hernandez, CEO of Deliberico, recently attended the Go Global congress in Alicante, which served as a pivotal event connecting international buyers with Valencian small and medium-sized companies. As an international company and buyer, Deliberico eagerly anticipated and participated in this two-day event, which took place on October 24-25. Go Global offered conferences, networking opportunities, and the chance to engage with a diverse array of Valencian companies.

Deliberico, known for its premium Spanish products, was excited to connect with Valencian vendors at the event. The congress provided a platform for international buyers and Valencian companies to explore new opportunities, share industry insights, and build relationships that could lead to mutually beneficial collaborations.

Ana Hernandez, CEO of Deliberico, at Go Globla in Alicante, Spain

Ana Hernandez, CEO of Deliberico, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "We were thrilled to be part of Go Global and to witness the talent in the Valencian business community. We looked forward to connecting with local artisans who shared our passion for quality and authenticity."

Go Global proved to be an inspiring experience with keynote speakers and industry experts sharing insights on global market trends. Deliberico, with its dedication to bringing the best of Spain to the USA, was poised to expand its portfolio and enrich the global culinary experience through this event, always with the ultimate goal of bringing the best to your table.

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