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Delicious Tradition: Uncovering the Artistry of Turrón at Pico's Factory

Delicious Tradition: Uncovering the Artistry of Turrón at Pico's Factory

In a delightful encounter blending tradition and innovation, Ana Hernandez, CEO of Deliberico, recently visited the iconic Turrones Pico factory, renowned for its centuries-old artistry in crafting turrón, or nougat. The visit offered a firsthand exploration of the meticulous process behind two of their flagship products: turrón de Jijona and turrón de Alicante.

At the heart of Turrones Pico's operation is Alfonso, the nougat master, who intricately oversees every step of production, emphasizing the significance of details in creating these delectable treats. With a long-standing tradition, Turrones Pico acquires almonds in March post-cropping, initiating production in August to ensure we savor the fruits of their labor come Christmas.
During her visit, Ana Hernandez expressed awe at Turrones Pico's commitment to detail, applauding the factory's dedication to crafting exceptional products. "We are very impressed with the attention to detail and quality, the factory, and the care that Turrones Pico puts into their products," she shared.
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Beyond their culinary excellence, Turrones Pico stands out for its eco-conscious initiatives. The company, recognizing the crucial role bees play in the ecosystem, more than 50% of the foods we eat depend on whose pollination (including, of course, honey and nougat). Turrones Pico launched the "Treat me well. Save the bees. Save the Planet" campaign, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Jijona town of the turron

The nougat's origin is in Xixona (Jijona), a charming town in the province of Alicante, renowned as the birthplace of turron. Although the exact date of turron production is elusive, historical evidence, including insights from historian Fernando Galiana, suggests its existence as early as the 14th century. The protection of Jijona turron took shape in the late 19th century, and on August 18, 1939, the turron makers' guild established the Regulatory Council of the Exclusive Denomination Jijona to safeguard the native product. A significant milestone occurred in 1977 when the collective trademark "Jijona" was registered with the Spanish office of patents and trademarks, accompanied by a quality assurance seal for all certified products, marking a crucial step in preserving the heritage of Jijona turron.

Deliberico proudly embraces Turrones Pico as a must-have brand during the holiday season, offering clients a taste of the rich tradition and quality that define this esteemed nougat producer.

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