Deliberico Explores HERPAC: A Seafood Sensation

Deliberico Explores HERPAC: A Seafood Sensation

Deliberico Explores HERPAC: A Seafood Sensation

Ana Hernandez, CEO of Deliberico, recently toured the facilities of HERPAC in Barbate (Cádiz), a family-owned business dedicated to seafood production. The guided visit covered various production areas, including tuna drying and smoking, as well as product cutting and packaging.

Founded in 1986 by the Pacheco brothers, Herpac initially focused on artisanal production of traditional tuna mojama. Today, the company boasts an impressive facility spanning 8,500 square meters, three retail stores, and a workforce of fifty employees. Herpac's products are exported to ten countries and have garnered numerous national and international awards.

During the visit, Ana Hernandez had the privilege of witnessing the meticulous process behind the creation of tuna mojama, from the capture of bluefin tuna in the sea to its preservation, drying, and smoking. Additionally, she had the opportunity to observe the time-honored art of ´ronqueo´, which involves the precise slicing of tuna into thin and uniform pieces.

At Deliberico, we are captivated by the exceptional quality of Herpac's products and the company's unwavering commitment to excellence. We also recognize the significance of tradition and expertise in the seafood production industry.

The visit to Herpac provided an enriching experience, offering insight into the production of high-quality seafood and witnessing the precise cutting of bluefin tuna was a true privilege.

At Deliberico, we eagerly anticipate introducing our valued customers to the soon-to-be-available Herpac products in our store.


Commitment to Excellence & Sustainability

Herpac is committed to excellence and sustainability. They produce high-quality products using traditional methods and ingredients, thanks to their skilled team. Their commitment is evident through rigorous quality controls, certified by ISO 9001 and IFS Food.

With a focus on innovation, Herpac continuously develops new products and improves production processes. They also prioritize environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable energy and implementing efficient waste management practices.

Furthermore, Herpac demonstrates dedication to responsible sourcing of seafood through sustainable fishing practices.


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