Montaraz: Preserving Tradition and Nature in the Art of Iberian Ham

Montaraz: Preserving Tradition and Nature in the Art of Iberian Ham

Montaraz: Preserving Tradition and Nature in the Art of Iberian Ham

Keepers of a unique process for five generations

Montaraz is a family-owned business that has been producing high-quality, natural Iberian ham for over a century. The company takes pride in its traditional, 100% natural curing process, which uses only sea salt and no other additives or preservatives. The Iberian pigs used by Montaraz are free-range and wild-raised, and come from the unique ecosystem of La Dehesa in Extremadura, Spain.

Iberico ham delicacy cured with patience and expertise.

The curing process takes place in natural drying cellars, where the ham is slowly and patiently matured over the course of several years. The result is an exceptional ham with an intense aroma and unique flavor that is highly valued around the world.

Sustainability and respect for the land of the iberian pig: Extremadura

Montaraz is dedicated to preserving the ancient culture of Iberian ham, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The company's commitment to sustainability and conservation is reflected in its reforestation efforts on its farm in Cáceres, which is essential to the quality of the Iberian pigs.

Explore Montaraz's Selection of Exceptional Iberico Ham Products, Including the Premium UNICO Brand


Montaraz offers a variety of products to suit different preferences, including bone-in pieces, boneless hams, and sliced ham. In addition, Montaraz produces two distinct lines of 100% Iberico ham and shoulders: acorn-fed and grain-fed. The acorn-fed ham is made from pigs that have exclusively eaten acorns during their last few months of life, while the grain-fed ham is made from pigs that have been fed a diet of grain.

Montaraz has a premium brand called UNICO, which features the company's finest products, including bone-in hams and boneless hams. The UNICO line is produced in limited quantities and is only available in select markets. Montaraz takes great care to ensure that every product in the UNICO line meets the highest standards of quality and flavor.

Overall, Montaraz is a brand that values tradition, authenticity, and quality, and is committed to producing the finest natural Iberian ham using time-honored methods.


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