Black Rice pan with cuttlefish decorated with whole piquillo peppers, lemons and parsley. Deliberico

Black Rice with cuttlefish

Black Rice with cuttlefish

Arroz Negro, or black rice, is a traditional Spanish dish that is often associated with the coastal regions of the country, particularly Valencia and Catalonia. The dish is made with squid or cuttlefish ink, which gives the rice its distinctive black color and a unique flavor.



  1. Heat the fish or seafood stock in a pot until it comes to a simmer. Keep it warm.

  2. In a paella pan or a large heavy-bottomed skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the onion, garlic, red pepper, and green pepper, and cook for about 5 minutes until they are soft.

  3. Add the chopped tomatoes, smoked paprika, dried thyme, and bay leaf to the pan. Stir well and cook for about 5 minutes until the tomatoes are soft and the mixture is fragrant.

  4. Add the sliced cuttlefish or squid to the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes until they are lightly browned.

  5. Add the rice to the pan and stir well to coat it with the other ingredients.

  6. Add the teaspoons of Cuttlefish Ink by Nortindal to the warm fish or seafood stock and stir until the ink is dissolved.

  7. Add the fish stock by El Navarrico with the dissolved ink to the pan, stirring well to distribute it evenly. Season with salt and black pepper to taste (depending on how salty is the fish stock)

  8. Bring the mixture to a boil for 10 min and then reduce the heat to low to another 8 min or until the rice is cooked through and the liquid has been absorbed.

  9. Remove the pan from the heat and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

  10. Serve the Spanish black rice hot, garnished with the piquillo peppers by El Navarrico. Enjoy!

Note: You can also add other seafood such as prawns, mussels or clams to this dish.

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