Classic Gilda

Classic Gilda

Classic Gilda

The Gilda is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and classic pintxos of the Basque Country, and its recipe is surprisingly simple to prepare at home. Its origin dates back to the Casa Vallés bar in Donostia, founded in 1942 and still in operation. Although the recipe existed previously, it wasn't named until a clever customer compared it to the character Rita Hayworth played in the movie "Gilda," released in 1946: green, salty, and slightly spicy. Since then, this famous appetizer has been known as the "Gilda."

Ingredients (for 6 Gildas):


  1. Arrange all the ingredients around a work surface for quick and easy assembly of the Gildas. Also, prepare toothpicks or cocktail sticks and a platter or dish to serve the skewers.
  2. The original Gilda recipe uses olives with pits because pitted olives were not available back then. You can opt for this version if you wish to maintain the authenticity of the classic preparation.
  3. Drain the guindillas or piparras from the pickling liquid and trim the stems. You can leave them on if you prefer. Cut each pepper into two pieces or leave them whole if they are small.
  4. Also, drain the anchovy fillets and remove some of the oil from the preservation. You can choose to remove this oil and dress the anchovies with excellent extra virgin olive oil that you like and have at home. 
  5. Assemble each skewer starting with a pitted green olive, which can be stuffed or not. Continue with a portion of piparra and another olive, then skewer the anchovy, folding it over itself. Insert another half of piparra and finish with another olive.
  6. Repeat this process until you have assembled all the skewers, generously drizzle them with olive oil according to your taste. Of course, you can also create the skewers with different ingredient arrangements or leave the piparras whole. Enjoy your classic Gilda!

If you want to experiment with new Gilda variations, you can replace the classic anchovy with other equally delicious ingredients. Some popular options include substituting the anchovy with tuna, fresh oysters, or marinated white anchovies. These variations can offer unique flavors and textures that allow you to enjoy the versatility of this classic pintxo. Feel free to explore and customize your Gilda according to your preferences!

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