Manchego Cheese Top 5 Pairings for a delectful cheese board

Manchego Cheese Top 5 Pairings for a delectful cheese board

Manchego Cheese Top 5 Pairings for a delectful cheese board

What does Manchego cheese go better with?

Looking to take your Manchego cheese board to the next level? We've got you covered with five perfect pairings that will blow your taste buds away!

Spanish olives

Spanish olives are the perfect salty and briny complement to the nutty flavor of Manchego cheese. Choose a variety of green manzanilla or black olives to add color and flavor to your cheese board. For a surprising twist, try including Spanish olives stuffed with anchovies. The rich and savory flavor of the anchovies pairs perfectly with the nuttiness of the Manchego cheese, creating a combination that is both salty and satisfying. Add a few of these olives to your cheese board for an unexpected and delicious touch or go with a tapenade spread to top the manchego slices.


Our top pick is pistachios with truffle! The earthy and nutty flavor of truffle complements the nuttiness of Manchego cheese, while salted pistachios add a nice crunch and balance out the cheese's subtle sweetness.


Breadsticks, called 'picos' in Spain, are a classic pairing that work especially well with Manchego cheese. Their subtle flavor and crunchiness allow the cheese to shine.

If you want to add an unexpected twist to your cheese board, try pairing Manchego cheese with truffle crackers. The earthy and robust flavor of the truffle complements the nutty taste of the cheese, resulting in a unique and unforgettable combination and sophisticated cheese board experience.

Fruit paste or jam

Say hello to quince paste! Its subtle tang and sweetness make it the perfect complement to the nutty flavor of Manchego cheese. Spread it on a cracker with a slice of Manchego for a heavenly combination.

Fresh fruit

Figs are where it's at! The sweetness of fresh figs perfectly balances the salty and nutty taste of Manchego cheese. For a visually stunning board, serve sliced figs alongside wedges of Manchego cheese.

You can also use sliced apples. In the past, there was a wine-trade adage known as "Buy on apple; sell on cheese." This saying originated from the practice of wine merchants using fresh apples to cleanse their palates while tasting wine in order to make purchasing decisions for their own businesses. Apples were believed to have a refreshing and palate-sharpening effect if you are serving other varieties of cheese along with Manchego. We have some ideas for you, so keep reading!

If you're looking to explore other Spanish cheeses, here are some perfect pairings:

Pair with dried fruit such as apricots, figs or raisins to balance out the smoky flavor.

The bold and pungent blue cheese pairs perfectly with honey or honeycomb to complement its sharp and salty flavor.

The creamy and tangy cheese pairs perfectly with fresh herbs such as thyme or rosemary to bring out its natural tanginess.

Soaked in red wine, this semi-soft cheese pairs perfectly with cured meats such as chorizo or salami to balance out its sweetness.

The distinct flavor that is both sweet and slightly salty, it is often served as a dessert cheese and pairs well with sweet fruits and honey.

    Impress your guests with your cheese board prowess and enjoy the perfect pairings! 

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